Monday, June 4, 2012

Weeks in Review: 05/21 – 06/03/2012


Listens to divorce sermon; eats nuts & berries; publishes post of pita pocket lunch.
C wins ribbons on field day; mentions raw egg smoothie; buys lettuce for lunch; walks trail w/friend; field trip with C’s class; publishes post with pics of K’s haircut.
Mentions Girl Scouts sashes; has awful dream; makes couscous; loses voice; wears sz 12 jeans; Tweets MSC anecdote; starts good mommy/bad mommy commenting war on Facebook by feigning confusion about GoGurt; publishes pic of L wearing her shoes.
Wonders about self-pitching tent; Tweets MSC anecdote; mentions taking supplements and finding Lego head in pocket; swimming lessons drama; peace like a river.
Nothing but good news for days on end; publishes post of kids swinging in trees; not a creature is stirring.
Publishes post about Xyng gals’ success & weight loss; hunkers down against rain; asks for solicited tire advice; publishes post about ‘missing this,’ hinting at upcoming blog changes to match the ‘changes in my life and heart.’
Publishes post of K&C pics with war themed title, just in time for Memorial Day; is still.
Unplugged from everything but kids; publishes sponsored post /giveaway for Arm & Hammer cat litter.
Publishes post of more haircut pics; threatens MWOP’s moderator “Anya” with legal action, includes list of “friends” for good measure; re-posts threat on Facebook; post is deleted; states her point is made anyway; watches Batchelorette w/ girlfriends; publishes distracting post about eating raw eggs for breakfast.
Mentions sponsored post/giveaway again; field trips & end of year activities.
Loves waking up happy; publishes post about looking forward, asks readers about their summer plans; school is out for summer; holds live chat in which she paints the usual rosy picture and states they are going to pay their bills “the old fashioned way,” rather than going through with bankruptcy; asks for reader preferences about sleeping with feet under or out of blankets.
Tweets MSC anecdotes; mentions drinking goji berry juice; publishes post with pic of yogurt & chia seeds; mentions upcoming giveaway (click, click); holds illegal Facebook giveaway for Xyngular Ignite Pack + distributor membership.
Getting over cold and hacking; Tweets MSC anecdote; mentions prickly bottoms of feet; makes couscous salad for party; too busy to blog.
Publishes post about Xyng winner, family growing by feet, pot luck @ church, party with Israel’s family, lengthy weight loss plateau, watching TV w/girlfriends, carb binging and enjoying summer break.