Monday, June 11, 2012

Week in Review: 06/04 – 10/2012


Gives beach toys labeling tip; loses more weight; publishes post with pic of almond butter and hemp hearts.
Tweets MSC anecdote; starts another 8 Day Challenge, down 6 pounds; goes to lake with MSC.
Tweets MSC anecdotes; comments about ability to cross legs; publishes post of sprinkler pics; publishes sponsored post for Arm & Hammer cat litter + giveaway, introducing new kitten.
Asks for reader temp poll; publishes post about almond butter, raw egg smoothies, new kitten, Roobii, indoor camping, cat house boxes, messy house, beach going, bike riding, summer vacation and a new mailbox.
Cleans up after camping; Tweets about milking competition; attends local festival with cheese curds and rides; publishes post about Roobii and the new kitten.
Takes MSC swimming; Tweets about water tantrum.
Relaxes; publishes post about county fair.