Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week in Review: 06/11 – 17/2012


Thinks and prays for Patricia Lawrenson’s health; Tweets about time spent in pool.
Awake very late “for a very good reason;” hints about very good news, holds Xyngular special; Tweets about summer and strawberries; publishes post about L; mentions kitten nursing her earlobe; publishes post detailing Xyngular special.
Mentions that MSC talk to Israel; runs important errand; spends time at the park.
Tweets MSC anecdote; re-touts Xyngular special; publishes post about cereal free cereal.
Sends out hundreds of Xyngular e-mails; re-touts Xyngular special; Tweets about shirt size; Tweets MSC anecdotes.
Tweets MSC anecdotes; publishes post about good news, bad news, peace, contentment and increasing geographic distances; re-touts Xyngular special; re-touts Xyngular special; re-touts Xyngular special.
Breaks through month-long weight loss plateau; mentions changing from church clothes to pool clothes; eats by poolside; Tweets happy father’s day to J. Sauls; mentions starting MSC on health supplements; publishes post about father’s day, picnic lunch, diet, supplements, pool time, pet behaviors, and summertime, including pics of herself and MSC, and close-up of herself.