Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Welcome to Hi Jennifer Mckinney!!
This site mirrors the MckMama Without Pity Blog.
The MckMama Without Pity Blog is a successor site to the original MckMama Without Pity and is a place designed to discuss the inconsistencies and bad business / life practices preached in Jennifer Howe Sauls McKinney’s popular mommy blog, My Charming Kids. Since there is heavy moderation on her blog, Facebook and BlogFrog Community, there was no place for an open discussion of the red flags that her readers have seen.
The blogger in question has lied, directly, through omission, and under oath, and we believe deceitfully used readers of her site emotionally to gain both financially and personally through many incidents over the years. She has, since 2008, blocked and banned those who questioned even politely the differences between what she says and what she does, and left thousands of once admiring and prayerful “members of her community” confused and looking for answers. That’s why we’re here—to piece together what’s real and what she wants people to believe.

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