Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shall We Dance?

Usually a weekly review post would be up by now, but certain corners of the internets are abuzz with recent MckMama happenings that are a tad more interesting than a weekly review, apparently. We’ll start there instead.
First, the following comment from Jennifer was deleted earlier this evening because it violated this site’s TOU:
Hi “Anya”!
It’s the beginning of the end for your hate blog.
Soon you will be hearing from my attorney (Mr. Patrick Tierney…feel free to look him up and call him if you want. I’ve retained him obvious purposes.). You know exactly why you will be forced to shut down this blog. And your identity will be exposed. I’ll save that revelation for now, though.
Your “friends” who have also been involved with the interference with business, defamation and slander regarding me are being brought to the light, too. And the ones who created fake PayPal accounts in my name so that you and your friends’ “claims” that I “lied to” our trustee and have “hidden money” and committed “fraud” would be more likely to seem actually true are going to be held responsible for their actions.
Since you are all about exposing the duplicitous actions of others, I trust you won’t mind if I share just a small smattering of names here. These are a few of the people who have made false statements about me here on your blog (and some additionally have shared their false statements elsewhere are the internet, too) and who my attorney may also be contacting.
Kim K: [Facebook page redacted]
Katherine E C
Steven J K
Shannon M
Kathy F
Tammy J B
Peter S S
Lindy C T
Jill F
Laura K: [Facebook page redacted]
Lerin W: [website redacted]
Michelle B: [Disqus username redacted]
Penney L
Natalie R: [website redacted]
CJ: [website redacted]
Taryn W
Mari R: [Disqus username redacted]
Kaira B
Allison T
Kellie M [website redacted]
Lynn P M
Michele S: [website redacted]
Shannon K
There are more, but my fingers are getting sore.
I sure hope this comment isn’t deleted! It only contains truth.
Anyone reading this who would like to come clean, apologize or share any information confidentially with me is free to email me at contact.mckmama (at) gmail.com. Thanks!
Talk soon!
Then Jennifer posted a similar comment on her Facebook page, which was subsequently deleted:
Just a quick note to let y’all know that I’m done sitting by and ignoring the “anonymous” people who are accusing me online of junk and harassing my family. I have retained a new attorney to handle the interference with business, slander, defamation, etc. Oh and I say “anonymous” because nothing of course it [sic] totally anonymous on the internet. I would like to take this chance to politely ask, just once, for the following people (and anyone else who has seen fit to do as they have done) to remove all false statements and accusations about me that they have written online and to no longer state untrue things about me, accuse me of things I haven’t done or harass me in any way in the future:
[another list; see above]
There are more, but my fingers are getting sore so I will stop the list for now. This is my life and my family. I will be standing up for us from now on. Feel free to share your opinion about me, to disagree with me and even to dislike me. Disprove [sic] of my actions or beliefs, call me names if you want, that’s cool. But please don’t harass me or share things about be online that aren’t true. Thanks!
Anyone who would like to come clean, apologize or share any information confidentially with me is free to email me at contact.mckmama (at) gmail.com.
To the rest of you, thanks for your support and respect, even if you don’t live life the way I do, haven’t made the same bad choices I have, or live in a different color house as me. I am so thankful that with very few exceptions, y’all are loving and truthful, fair and mature.
Hopefully that catches everyone up on all the recent happenings.
If you haven’t read them the U.S. Trustee filed a complaint of fraud against Jennifer and Israel:
Bankruptcy: The Documents (see document #26).
The trustee’s complaint mentions failure to disclose assets, failure to disclose income, manipulation of income, and removal, destruction or concealment of property and records, amongst other accusations.
There’s also Tracy Coenen’s continuing examination and discussion of Jennifer and Israel’s bankruptcy case and fraud complaint:
Fraud Files: Jennifer McKinney MckMama Bankruptcy: Fraud Alleged by Trustee
Fraud Files: Bankruptcy Fraud: Staying Out Of Trouble
And apparently GOMI has hopped on the MckMama commenting bandwagon as well today.
That about covers it.
Talk soon!

Note: I respectfully request that readers do not contact any aforementioned attorneys who may or may not be retained, detained, obtained, constrained, etc. by the aforementioned MckMama aka Jennifer Howe Sauls McKinney aka co-debtor. Doing so will only have the effect of providing your contact information to said attorney and potentially Mrs. McKinney, et al. Thank you.