Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week in Review: 05/07 – 13/2012


Finishes another 8 day challenge. loses 2 more pounds; posts MSC anecdotes; publishes post of K and lost teeth; runs and then attends Pilates class; mails Nashville photo CDs; publishes post about relationship problems, Bible verse and clinging to God.
Tweets about Pilates class soreness; links to special needs adoptions family; publishes more photo sneak peeks; finishes mailing Nashville/Birmingham CDs; Tweets about having a waist; swim lessons, gym workout, energy bars and counselor session; asks for Xyng FB members to cross-post comments on her B page.
Core is sore; mentions auto-correct anecdote; raises reader hackles (and comments) by vaguely mentioning giving away a business opportunity, and continuing to tout Xyngular; makes Texas caviar; publishes post with pics of MSC and community race; can’t decide whether to work or sleep.
Pilates is not a joke; plans trips; publishes sponsored post about brushing teeth (Arm & Hammer giveaway); Tweets MSC anecdotes; continues work on photoshoot pics.
Tweets hymn phrase; runs/walks with MSC in stroller; mentions fasting/eating; publishes post about fasting, eating, Xyng, dinner, calling police on neighbors’ thievery, planning trips, marriage things not working out, having a wonderful weekend; Tweets about mothering being beautiful, regardless of methods; Tweets TMI about shaving bikini area.
Thankful to upline friend for MLM introduction; spends time with sister; tries not to feel sorry for self.
Bitter & complaining Tweet about Mother’s Day and being a single parent; MSC are her most prized possession; thankful that no one can take “mother” title away from her.